Two New Home Trial Offers

Today's customers have a real dilemma. The internet provides an overwhelming amount of information. Yet, information alone can't help you make the best choice.

Some things (loudspeakers, for example) need to be experienced before a fully-informed decision can be made. There are literally hundreds of speakers on the market, but, the vast majority can not be heard. The reason--- there are few audio specialists still in business. Many of the old-fashioned hardware stores and stereo stores of the past have been replaced by Walmart and Best Buy.

You may have a Magnepan dealer within driving distance, but, most likely, their store is small. There is room for 1.7s and 3.7s on display, but, in fairness, there is little or no room to also set up these new products from Magnepan in a manner that would fully demonstrate their sonic capabilities. You have the space in your home for a proper setup. Unlike a dealer's showroom, there is no competition for demonstration space with other, more expensive, models.

So, we have an offer that we think you can't (or won't) refuse. Try this system in your home for 30 days and if it doesn't live up to our claims, or your expectations, we will take them back.


Motorized MMC 2 mounted in-wall (and center speaker)

But, there is one group of customers for which this may not apply. Do you have a dedicated sound room or Significant Other that will accept large, free-standing speakers like the 1.7s or 3.7s? If the answer is "Yes", you may not need speakers that "disappear".

MMC 2 in closed position

Magnepan invested more time and money developing the motorized MMC 2 than any model in our 41 year history. It would have been much easier to build a ribbon speaker into the wall and absorb the rear wave , as is the usual practice. But, the characteristic Maggie Sound would have been lost by trapping the rear wave. Instead, the rear wave is sent on a "journey" to return delayed in time. As with any Maggie installation, placement is important. A temporary, throw-away speaker stand is offered to aid in the selection of the permanent installation.

The engineering challenge was to open the speakers to a position preset by the customer and yet withstand abuse and curious fingers---with a motor and drive mechanism that is well-hidden. The results, as shown in these photos, is a well-concealed audiophile system.

The MMC 2 boasts a set of new drivers over the manually-operated MC 1. The midrange driver is a spin-off from Magnepan's development of computer and personal speakers. The MMC 2 is a 3-way system with a midrange, quasi ribbon tweeter and quasi ribbon super-tweeter.

We are offering a Maggie system that will span the gulf between the wishes of the audiophile of the house and the "interior decorator". You have read the advertisements of others that also make these claims. However, unlike other "custom" systems, if we don't deliver for both parties, you can send them back. We don't know of any custom dealer or speaker company that has such an offer.

These photos will give you an idea of how this system can be integrated into the aesthetics and interior design of your home. In-wall, on-wall, customized grilles with art work, etc.---- are all possible. You can take it as far as you wish to please the "interior designer". But, it is the audiophile of the house that is our greatest challenge.

MMC 2 with DW 1 Woofer
Motorized MMC 2
CC 5 center channel speaker

We are like you. We are Old School Audiophiles. We prefer to have a pair of 1.7s or 3.7s standing about 5 feet out into the room. (Even dynamic speakers sound best when the first reflection is greater than 10 milli seconds.) We like diffusers and absorption to break up room reflections and we turn down the lights for serious listening. So, excuse me, don't tell us that a "custom" system could tempt us to give up our big free-standing speakers. However, as John Crossett said in the Audio Beat review (link below)-- "Don't thumb your nose at or dismiss this system until you've heard it. I'm willing to bet that your preconceived notions will take the same beating mine did."

We proved it could be done in a consumer field trial in Portland and Seattle.

In Portland and Seattle, we invited audiophiles and Maggie enthusiasts to attend an unveiling of a new product at their local Magnepan dealership. Approximately 135 of your peers attended these "Maggie Nights". The system was hidden behind a scrim cloth with back-lighting to keep it a secret until after the 35 minute demonstration. Before the demonstration, we explained that they were to be "Reviewers for the Day". Magnepan was conducting a field study of this new speaker. They would be given a survey to fill out after the "blind fold" listening tests. So they would not be influenced by the size, price or appearance of the speakers, they would be "kept in the dark" until after the demo.

To verify the results of this field study for you, John Johnson, the editor of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, was interested enough to fly up from California to witness this demonstration. He also was "kept in the dark". His report validates the accuracy of our test results. This Maggie system is "Audiophile Approved".

Three experienced Maggie reviewers also bear witness to the audio performance of these models. Michael Trei, Sound & Vision magazine, November 2010 said it best of the MMC 2 and CC 5 combintaion---

"Given the right movie, you could sit and relish little details buried in the soundtrack mix."

"No matter what type of movie I played, dialogue clarity was always exemplary. I would rate the CC5 as the most focused and transparent center channel speaker I've yet encountered, with none of the off-axis frequency response anomalies you hear with some dynamic models. The CC5 was able to lock the dialogue to the center of the screen with razor-sharp precision over a wide arc of listening positions, and it made even voices buried way down in the mix easy to comprehend."

Chris Martens, editor of The Perfect Vision, put the Maggie System "under the microscope". It is in 2 parts and a very long review. (You might want to print it out to read later.)

In his review, Chris Martens said--

"In terms of overall timbre, and tonal balance, the Magnepan on-wall system reflects its technical influences, which means that it sounds a bit like a cross between the firm’s second-from-the-top model, the MG 3.6 loudspeaker, and its top model, the MG 20.1. The midrange and highs of the system, which are contributed primarily by the MMC2) remind me of the sound of the MG 3.6: well-balanced, fast, and open, though relative to the MG 3.6 the MMC2 can sound slightly forgiving way up high".

DWM Woofer
Custom Woofer

Chris went on to say about the DWM Maggie Woofer--

"Let the Maggie Woofers carry most of the System’s Bass Workload. With typical speaker systems, it’s normally a good idea to hand off much of the system’s overall bass workload to a powered subwoofer, but with a Magnepan system this is not the approach you’ll want to take at all. The reason is that Maggies are so fast and so pure-sounding that they make most subs sound thick, slow, and sluggish by comparison".

While it is not mandatory under this 30-day home trial program, we strongly recommend that customers include both the CC 5 center channel speaker and the DWM Maggie Woofer to fully appreciate why these reviewers were so enthusiastic in their evaluations.

The Maggie Woofers (DW 1 or DWM) are floor-standing, dipole speakers like other Magneplanar models. Unlike the motorized MMC 2s, the Maggie Woofers aren't as "stealthy". The woofers can't retract into the wall.

Perhaps you have a domestic situation like the sister and brother-in-law of our marketing manager. Many years ago, his sister had MG Is in her living room. Not any more. He likes to tease her that since her handiwork has been featured in the Portland, Oregon Sunday paper in the section of "My Home is Better Than Yours", his brother-in-law has had to be more creative. There is a Maggie system in their living room, but, it is TOTALLY invisible.

His brother-in-law wanted to add the Maggie Woofer, but, the modern Scandinavian styling of the DW 1 did not fit his sister's taste in decor. A win-win solution was found.

His sister designed a dual-function piece of furniture that she would like to own--irrespective of it's "stealthy" function. The furniture is a stand for artwork or it can be used for additional seating for parties, etc.

Hidden inside this furniture is the DWM. Everyone is happy. (He would like to add-- The model is his niece.)

John Crossett, of The Audio Beat, examined the Maggie system from the perspective of our 30-day home trial program. Please note that no care or attention was given to aesthetics. John reviewed the setup and audio performance as if he were you and was taking us up on our offer.

Another way to check out the Maggie system is by staying in one of the "high-roller" suites at the Mandalay Bay while you are in Las Vegas. Magnepan won the contract to outfit their suites with 100 pair of the automated Maggie speaker systems. Take the virtual tour of the home theater room.

During your stay, you could also listen to the little 2-channel/home theater system in the bedroom.

While it might be interesting to live like the rich and famous while in Las Vegas, it would be MUCH less expensive to take us up on our 30-day home trial program-- not to mention the money you would save by not gambling.

If you are a serious audiophile faced with the prospects of buying a custom system or a smallish (and beautiful) box speaker that will blend in with the decor of room, the Maggie system may be a much better choice that will make everyone happy. Contact your nearest dealer, or Magnepan, to learn the details of how you can take us up on our 30-day home trial offer.

The 30-day home trial offer includes a pair of the MMC 2 on-wall speakers with the option of including the new CC 5 center channel speaker and the DWM Maggie Woofer.

Part 2-- The Mini Maggie-- A Miniature 3.7 On Your Desk

Mini Maggie

Perhaps, you neither have the space nor the discretionary income to have a Maggie 3.7. You will like this one-- a miniature 3.7 that sits on your desk. Yes, it IS a miniature 3.7 with almost identical bass, midrange and tweeter technology as it's much bigger brother. When you lean back in your chair and close your eyes, the illusion of the big 3.7s will make it very likely that you will not be returning this speaker after your 30-day home trial is up.

The Mini Maggie is wonderful as a small room woofer/satellite system, but, it is the desk-top installation that is a no-brainer. For a home-trial program to be successful, the manufacturer must have the confidence that it is unlikely that the product will be returned. A woofer/satellite system requires knowledge and care in the proper setup. The Mini Maggie on a desk can't be set up wrong (Or, we should say, it is very unlikely).

The Maggie Woofer (DWM Woofer shown above) is part of the Mini Maggie System. When Maggie Woofer is placed under the desk, far forward and out of the way of your feet, this automatically puts the Maggie Woofer in correct time-alignment with the Mini Maggies on the desk. All that is left is to make sure that speaker wires are hooked up in the correct polarity. From a design standpoint, it is as if every customer's sound room were the same. It makes the job of voicing the speakers much easier and the results more predictable.

But, like the stealthy, motorized Maggie system described above, hearing the the Mini Maggies in a dealer's showroom is a challenge. Your dealer has a desk in his office, but, he probably is not too eager to set up this system amongst his office paperwork. He may set it up as a woofer-satellite system some where in the store, but, conditions will vary and we can not predict the outcome of that demonstration. We CAN predict the sound quality of a desk-top installation.

For a woofer/satellite system, it is probably safe to say that most are NOT set up correctly. With a full-range speaker system, the woofer and midrange can not be put out of time alignment and phase. The customer needs to have some knowledge of speaker setup to get the most from a woofer/satellite system. So, if you plan to try the Mini Maggie as a woofer/satellite system in a small room, please consult the Mini manual on our website before making your decision.

It is important to understand what the Mini Maggie is NOT. It is not a replacement for a 3.7 in a larger room. With plenty of power and at moderate levels, the Mini Maggie might suffice in a larger room. The clarity and sound quality is like it's big brother. However, there are reasons why full-range ribbon and electrostatic speakers are large.

The Mini Maggie is a first of it's kind-- A full-range, dipole, ribbon speaker that brings high-end audio to your desk top or small room.

You have two additional options for enjoying Magneplanars if our large, floor-standing models are not an option. This 30-day home trial program demonstrates our confidence that you could be another satisfied Maggie customer.

Restrictions-- This mail-order/home-trial program is an offering by your dealer and supported by Magnepan. Magnepan is simply acting as your dealer's shipping and receiving department. All conditions of the home trial and sale are at the discretion of your Magnepan dealer. Your dealer is incurring certain risks and expenses. Magnepan dealers have the right to decline this offer.