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Introducing the new MMGi

The first sonic upgrade since the MMG was introduced in 1995. The differences can be detected in a careful blind test, but as is our policy, we make no sonic claims or engage in sales hyperbole. For those who have never heard an MMG, it may not matter. But, be assured, the "appetizer" got a little better.

Hear ribbon technology in your home

$650 pair, 60 day home trial

How can you lose?

We'll tell you right up front---you might get "hooked". The MMG is the marketing equivalent of those tasty little morsels handed out in high-end grocery stores.

Most consumers do their research on the internet. That's probably how you found us. Or from one of our thousands of happy customers. The MMG, 60-day, money-back guarantee "appetizer" concept has proven more successful than any other marketing idea. Only a very small percentage of customers return their MMG models because they didn't like them. And most eventually move up to our better models. So, warning is fair, you might get "hooked".

The floor-standing MMG at $599 has introduced thousands of audiophiles to the unique sound of ribbon speakers since 1995. Later, when customers want to add home theater, the MMG C (center) and the MMG W (on-wall) are the speakers of choice at $295 and $325 pair, respectively.

MMG consumer reviews---Note this is an independent website and not controlled by Magnepan. This is not one of those phony review sites. Opinions will vary, but they are free and uncensored.


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Order directly from Magnepan by calling 1-800-474-1646 or you have the option to order from your local Magnepan dealer. For customers in the continental United States, terms and conditions are the same from the dealer or from Magnepan---there is no difference.

Save on sales tax? If you order MMGs from Magnepan, you will not pay sales tax. If you order MMGs from your dealer, you will not pay shipping. It comes out about the same.

Speed of delivery or return policy? It makes no difference.

Delivery to your home or business? Yes, if you order the MMGs from your dealer, the speakers will be shipped to where you specify.

Magnepan dealers are independent businesses and are not required to participate in this program.

Introducing the Super MMG---the improved "appetizer"

Perhaps you live in St. Louis or Memphis or Kansis City or Las Vegas. Millions of customers live too far from a Magnepan dealers. We have talked to you. You plan to spend more than $600 for a pair of speakers, but you don't want to drive hundreds of miles to hear our 1.7s---despite the fact that in January, 2011 The Absolute Sound magazine said "Not just The Absolute Sound's Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade". If that describes your situation, the Super MMG might be a temptation you can't resist.

No, the Super MMG is not an MMG with a Bass Panel. It is more than just better bass. The basic MMG has been "hot-rodded" for better sound. The Super MMG essentially adds the Bass Panel and converts the system into a 3-way speaker---giving better bass, midrange and highs. No, it is not the sonic equal of the 1.7, but for $1199, the Super MMG is a great bargain that is easily mail-ordered.

The Bass Panel is analogous to going from a 12-inch to a 15-inch woofer. But, don't think of it as a subwoofer. Yes, it provides deeper bass in a larger room than a MMG because the total bass radiating area gets a better "bite" on the air. It is a similar principle as the MMG bass section---just more of it.

We introduced the Super MMG as the 2013 Newport show to invite direct A-B comparisons with mega-buck box speakers down the hall.

Robert Harley, editor of The Absolute Sound magazine said--

"The two most memorable rooms at the Newport show fell at opposite ends of the price/complexity spectrum. The first was the debut of the Magnepan MMG Super, a $1199 three-piece system of two quasi-ribbon panels and a planar-magnetic bass module. To give you an idea of how this new Maggie sounded, a guy in his twenties who had heard the demo with me asked me in the hallway afterward what I thought of this system in relation to a similarly priced box speaker he was considering. I told him that it was possible to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a cone-based speaker and not approach the transparency and midrange resolution of the $1199 MMG Super." Robert Harley,

Gary Reber, editor of Wide Screen Review magazine in the June/July 2013 issue---

"The new Magnepan Super MMG three-piece system was the most impressive sonic experience at the T.H.E. Show (Newport Beach 2013)"

Super MMG

For more detailed information on the Bass Panel and hookup---

Maggie Bass Panel (DWM)

How to use the DWM Bass Panel with MMGs

As Dick Olsher of Stereophile magazine asserts, The impossible problem for a conventional speaker, then, is this: how to convince you it's a grand piano when the instrument's full acoustic power is being squeezed through an 8" woofer. When I close my eyes and try to conjure up an image size, a planar speaker reproduces piano, double-bass, cello and human voice with much more spatial conviction than is possible with a conventional dynamic speaker. It's true--a planar makes a recorded piano sound more like a real piano.

Magnepan is the most successful manufacturer of full-range dipole loudspeakers in the world. Over 200,000 of these speakers have been purchased by audiophiles ... audiophiles such as those taking part in the last speaker survey conducted by Stereophile magazine which revealed more of their readers owned Magneplanars than any other brand, and 99% were satisfied with their purchase.

Description 2-Way / Quasi-Ribbon Planar-Magnetic
Freq. Resp. 50 - 24 kHz ±3 dB
Rec Power Read Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitivity 86dB / 500Hz / 2.83v
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 14.5 x 48 x 1.25
Available in natural or black solid oak trim with off-white, grey or black fabric.

We encourage you to order the MMGs from your continental USA dealer

You might save a couple of bucks if you order MMGs from your dealer. To encourage you to order your MMGs from your dealer, we are giving you ALL the same benefits in cost and upgrade benefits that you would get if you order directly from us. And the speakers can be shipped directly to you if you order from your dealer. To repeat---there is no penalty for buying from the dealer and no price advantage for buying directly from Magnepan. For customers in the continental United States, terms and conditions are exactly the same from the dealer or from Magnepan. You can call your dealer and arrange the sale and the speakers will be shipped directly to you---just as it would if you ordered from Magnepan.

Save on sales tax? If you order MMGs from Magnepan, you will not pay sales tax. If you order MMGs from your dealer, you will not pay shipping. It comes out where you save a couple of bucks ordering through your dealer..

And speed of delivery or return policy? It makes no difference.

Note---Magnepan dealers are independent businesses and are not required to participate in this program.

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