A word on Consumer Reviews

Please keep this in mind when reading consumer reviews of our products, that you have left our web page and have been transferred to a web site called audioreview.com, which is comprised of consumer written product reviews.

Unlike many fake reviews, these reviews are not edited, or controlled by Magnepan. These are consumers like you, giving their candid, uncensored opinions.

Why would we invite you to read uncensored opinions? We might not agree with some opinions, but, you won't find many speakers with such a high percentage of positive comments.

In addition to www.audioreview.com, search for "Magneplanar reviews" on Google. There are more reviews than you have time to read.

A word of advice when researching on the internet-- You will read conflicting information and opinions on any product, regardless of how good it might be. But, look for trends. Note what the majority of people like or don't like about about a product. Or try some of the audio chat rooms. We already know what you will learn about Magneplanars if you will invest the time doing the research. Have fun!!

Product Reviews