Used Magneplanars

If you are considering a used Magneplanar, your satisfaction is just as important to us as if you were buying a new speaker. We want you to tell your friends about Maggies.

However, we have a few words of caution. Magneplanars are very sturdy, but, they sometimes lose in a "conflict" with a forklift driver or careless freight handler. If this happens with a new pair of speakers, Magnepan and your dealer will handle the hassle with the freight company. If the freight company wants to fight the claim, it isn't your problem.

The safest way to buy a used Maggie is with a warranty from your nearest Magneplanar dealer. The next best option is to personally check out the speakers before buying. The worst option is a "great deal" on the Internet. To our thinking, if it is such a great deal, why wouldn't someone locally snap it up? Please be careful.